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1. Underground quarries

2. Numidian Altar & Roman Temple

3. Forum and Basilica

4. Theatre

5. Roman bridge

6. Baths

7. Aqueduct

8. Prison camps

9. Amphitheatre

10. Museum


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Hotels and alternatives
There is nothing at the site, but Jendouba 25 km southeast has two OK hotels.

Restaurants and alternatives
As above, but the standard of Jendouba's food (the best restaurants are at the hotels) is far higher than the hotel rooms. This is especially the case with Hotel Atlas, which has one of Tunisia's best restaurants in terms of food! There are basic restaurants around town.

The two hotels in Jendouba have bars. Hotel Simitthu is by far the nicest of the two.

Change Money
One bank with an ATM in Jendouba.

Getting between Jendouba and major destination is easy, either by bus or shared taxi. If you go to Tunis, train is the best. If you want to visit Bulla Regia and Thuburnica together with Chemtou, you may have to rent a taxi for the day. This may not become terribly cheap. Hitchhiking is a possibility, but could involve a bit of waiting.

By Tore Kjeilen