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1. Hillside theatre

2. The impressive mausoleum

3. Other (crashed) sights


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Hillside theatre

Cillium, Tunisia

Cillium's theatre is stunningly located, and becomes suddenly visible after you have navigated yourself over the plat elevation of the ancient city.
The theatre had originally at least 17 rows, of which 9 still are near complete. A rough estimate indicates that it could have seated about 600-800 at one time.
The scene has fared worse, and nothing of the original columns or walls still stand.
Note the well-preserved row of thin stone plates used to delimitate the spectators from the scene area. Even in the theatre at Dougga, only a few of such stones can be found.
Note that it can be difficult to find the theatre. But if you head towards the building right to the east of the triumphal arch, you will see it. Apparently, both Rough Guide and Footprint missed it :-)
Cillium, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen