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1. Hillside theatre

2. The impressive mausoleum

3. Other (crashed) sights


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Other (crashed) sights
Cillium, Tunisia

Cillium is a strange experience, in the respect that seemingly only the two entrances to the city have survived in erect position. Above you see the southern entrance, claimed by local guides to be a triumphal arch, but I am not sure if that is really true.

Cillium, Tunisia

The church on the picture above has at least its layout survived, with columns lying flat on the ground.

Cillium, Tunisia

Cillium, Tunisia

The photo above show the house which has survived best at Cillium, but it is not the capitol, although its position would have fitted the bill. But was just a wealthy family mansion.
To the left is about the best shot of one Cillium's baths. You see a circular pool or room, with a little bit of the mosaics intact.

By Tore Kjeilen