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and Jelidat

Gettoufa and Jelidat

1. Stepping into Ksar Jelidat

2. Good defense


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Stepping into Ksar Jelidat

Gettoufa, Tunisia

The Ksar Jelidat is somewhat more impressive than the older Gettoufa ksar. The gate is quite grand, and many of the structures rise three floors up. But at the very same time, this ksar is not as well preserved.
There is little which has changed at the exterior of the gate to Ksar Jelidat, and it must be among the most beautiful ksar gates that still remain in Tunisia.
It is now totally out of use, but still some sections — like what you see on the photo below — are almost unchanged, except from the missing doors.
Gettoufa, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen