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1. The old houses along the mountain side


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The old houses along the mountain side
Ghoumrassen, Tunisia

You see the point? Next to the zawiyya the mountain has been transformed into a type of fortress. So even if the houses would have to be abandoned in case of a hostile attack, human lives could seek safety on top of the mountain.

Ghoumrassen, Tunisia

Most of the houses on the eastern side of the zawiyya have fallen in, and there are only a few quarters that are in as good a shape as the one you see here.

Ghoumrassen, Tunisia

Houses on the western side of the zawiyya. These are slightly different from the ones on the eastern side — he mountain has been more important for house builders so there is less on the outside of the mountain. There are far less houses left here, and this is the best example I managed ot locate.

By Tore Kjeilen