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1. The mosque

2. Northern dwellings

3. Southern dwellings


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Northern dwellings
Guermessa, Tunisia

The simple fact that there is a teamwork between the mountain and the houses, make it difficult to take clear and good photos near the northern dwellings. Right here you see me standing in front of a house along the top belt of houses. Right below are some rare examples of houses that are not built into the mountain side. Further one, the valley that offers some possibilities for agriculture.

Inside a private courtyard, doors and windows are allowed to open up. Out on the "street" only very conservative facades dominate.

Once again, the dwellings of old Berber settlements are modest. I don't know if the items left here, belongs to the last inhabitants of the house, or just passers-by using it for a night or workers using it as a lunch cantina.

By Tore Kjeilen