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1. Mausoleums

2. Triumphal Arch

3. Basilica of Melleus

4. Capitol

5. Market

6. Underground baths

7. Byzantine fortress

8. Building with Troughs

9. Vandal chapel

10. Smashed theatre

11. Basilica of the Martyrs


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Triumphal Arch
Triumphal Arch, Ha´dra, Tunisia

The triumphal arch of Ha´dra was erected in 195 CE by the command of Septimus Severus. It stands today largely intact. This is the result of the protection provided by Byzantine fortifications that were built around it. Of this quite a bit still stands, you can see it covering the left foot of the arch.
Take also some time to admire the quality of the road that runs through the arch, which has excellently cut paving stones, set in an attractive pattern.

By Tore Kjeilen