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1. Mausoleums

2. Triumphal Arch

3. Basilica of Melleus

4. Capitol

5. Market

6. Underground baths

7. Byzantine fortress

8. Building with Troughs

9. Vandal chapel

10. Smashed theatre

11. Basilica of the Martyrs


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Basilica of Melleus
Basilica of Melleus, Ha´dra, Tunisia

Basilica of Melleus, Ha´dra, Tunisia

There are several churches around Ha´dra, but only one stands in a condition calling for your attention. Standing next to the Capitol, with most of its columns still in place and largely in good condition, it looks almost like a natural part of it. Some of the columns are made in Chemtou marble.
There are several interesting things to look out for, like the inscriptions on the paving stones. These tell the story of the conflicting times when the Byzantines were replaced by the Vandals. Two bishops are buried her, too, of which Melleus of Byzantine times has given the name to the present structure. Melleus is not the builder of the church!

By Tore Kjeilen