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1. Mausoleums

2. Triumphal Arch

3. Basilica of Melleus

4. Capitol

5. Market

6. Underground baths

7. Byzantine fortress

8. Building with Troughs

9. Vandal chapel

10. Smashed theatre

11. Basilica of the Martyrs


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Vandal chapel
Vandal chapel, Ha´dra, Tunisia

The structure called "Vandal chapel" has paving stones with crude inscriptions of 6th century Vandal kings. The chapel by itself is small and uninteresting, but it is one of very few remains from this period.
Otherwise, the Vandals were mainly occupied with stealing and destroying. The represent one of the most negative cultures in world history, and the word "vandal" is of course the best way of remembering them.

By Tore Kjeilen