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Hammam Lif

Hammam Lif

1. Sunset, and life begins


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Hotels and alternatives
There is only one hotel in town, which is overpriced for its basic amenities. You're better off spending your nights in Tunis, as connections to Hammam Lif are very good with train (about 30 minutes).

Restaurants and alternatives
Very simple eating along the beach promenade. Quality is however good, even if you have to hold with one hand and eat with the other.

Well, actually yes. Hammam Lif is one place that never sleeps in the summer nights. People stay on the beach promenade and on the beach all through the night. Very nice and everything is very, very safe.
But there is little in terms of bars and discos here. These things are found up town, and all is low scale.

Change Money
Hammam Lif has a selection of banks that will do the usual stuff of changing foreign currencies, as well as give cash withdrawals on your credit cards.

Very good connections with train either in direction of Sousse or up to Tunis. Alternatively you can travel with shared taxi, but these often run through Hammam Lif, and can already be full.

By Tore Kjeilen