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1. The tiny medina

2. Plenty of beaches

3. Cafe Sidi Bou Hdid

4. Shores of the medina

5. Kasbah

6. Modern town

7. Dancing children

8. Sebastian's villa

9. Medina at night

10. Sunset

11. Roman ruins of Pupput


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Hammamet, Tunsia

Hammamet, Tunsia

The Kasbah of Hammamet is certainly best enjoyed from the outside, where it watches over the ocean and the beach. Even walking along its base in the medina is enjoyable, but inside there is sadly little to intrigue a visitor.
The Kasbah dates back to the 12th century, and has been extensively restored. Head for the views, and take in the Golf of Hammamet and look down on the beautiful Cafe Sidi Bou Hdid, one of the most used motifs in Tunisian tourism brochures.

By Tore Kjeilen