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1. The tiny medina

2. Plenty of beaches

3. Cafe Sidi Bou Hdid

4. Shores of the medina

5. Kasbah

6. Modern town

7. Dancing children

8. Sebastian's villa

9. Medina at night

10. Sunset

11. Roman ruins of Pupput


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Sebastian's villa
Hammamet, Tunisia

Hammamet, Tunisia

The famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright has allegedly said that the villa of George Sebastian from the 1920's was the most beautiful house he knew of.
Today it is a cultural centre, and open for visitors. Most noted are the arcaded swimming pool and the baptistry-like bath which could seat 4 persons (second photo). Similar baths can be found in the finest Punic city of Kerkouane.
The entire house was a perfect place for parties, and it was under such circumstances that Lloyd Wright came to see it.
Entrance fee is 1.5TD, daily 8.00-18.00. It lies 3 km from town centre, and is best visited by a taxi (1TD from town centre).
Hammamet, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen