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1. The tiny medina

2. Plenty of beaches

3. Cafe Sidi Bou Hdid

4. Shores of the medina

5. Kasbah

6. Modern town

7. Dancing children

8. Sebastian's villa

9. Medina at night

10. Sunset

11. Roman ruins of Pupput


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Roman ruins of Pupput

Hammamet, Tunisia

Hammamet, Tunisia

The main reason for visiting Pupput is that it offers a little glimpse into the ancient lifestyles for those staying in Hammamet, but not wishing to much travelling.
The site itself is truly modest, but not all without interest. It is noted for its fine collection of mosaics, and there are a couple of baths around as well as a residential quarter.
The finest structure is the House of Figured Peristyle (third photo), where there are some columns still standing and almost all floors have their mosaics intact.
Many do find the tomb mosaics displayed on the walls, dating back to Byzantine times (lowest photo).
Opening times are 8.00 to 19.00 in summer and 9.00 to 17.00 in winter. Entrance is 1TD.
Hammamet, Tunisia

Hammamet, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen