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1. The tiny medina

2. Plenty of beaches

3. Cafe Sidi Bou Hdid

4. Shores of the medina

5. Kasbah

6. Modern town

7. Dancing children

8. Sebastian's villa

9. Medina at night

10. Sunset

11. Roman ruins of Pupput


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Hotel Iberotel Lalla Baya, Hammamet, Tunisia

One of several nice hotels in Hammamet, the Hotel Iberotel Lalla Baya.

Hotels and alternatives
For independent travellers, the best time to get a fair deal in a hotel is in late spring and early fall. Through summer, most hotels are filled up with package tourists, and through winter, many hotels close.
Hammamet has a wide offering of hotels, but the best selection in in the middle range. Rock-bottom-budget travellers will have problems finding an acceptable offer on hotels.
For people wanting comfort at any price, Hammamet has many good alternatives.
Hammamet has two camping grounds, where one actually is in town centre! But it is still good.

Restaurants and alternatives
There are more than enough places to eat in a town like Hammamet. You will have no problem finding places with both charm and good food. Value for money is quite good.

Hammamet has a selection of bars and discos, where any traveller, also females, can go and feel safe.

Change Money
No problems. Banks, ATMs and many shop keepers accept credit cards like VISA and MasterCard. Hotels of 2 stars and up will normally be able to change money.

Hammamet have OK connections with other cities, but you will normally have to take a taxi to get to the station you want. There are more than one station for shared taxis, the train station is about 1,3 km up from town centre. The bus station is in town centre, next to the station for taxis that go to Nabeul.

By Tore Kjeilen