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1. Inside the caves

2. Scenes from the town


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Scenes from the town
Haouria, Tunisia

Haouria, Tunisia

Looking at the island and National Park of Zembra.

El Haouaria is a nice, relaxed town leaning on the Sidi Abioud Mountain, on the northern tip of the Cap Bon. It has turned its back on the Mediterranean, and oversees the fields in the inland.
There is little to nothing to see here, but at least it presents what the real Tunisia is like. The marabout (top photo) may be noted, but the excursions out of town is the real reason for coming here. In addition to the Roman quarries, the Sidi Abioud Mountain can be quite interesting in May and June. At that time of the year, thousands of birds await thermal winds that will carry them across the ocean to Sicily. East of Gibraltar, this is the closest point between Africa and Europe. This is also the time of the year when El Haouaria stages its falconry festival. Haouria, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen