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1. Houmt Souq

2. Diversity

3. Borj el-Kebir

4. Zone touristique

5. Hara Sghira

6. Hara Kebira

7. Guellala

8. Lonely mosque

9. Mosque of the Turkish mother

10. Jama' Fadloud

11. Jama' Ghizen

12. Jama' Mastiri

13. Jama' Mazline

14. Jama' Mezraya

15. Jama' Tajdid

16. Underground oil-press in Midoun

17. Aghir

18. Sponges and octopuses


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Borj el-Kebir
Houmt Souq, Jerba, Tunisia

Borj el-Kebir, sometimes called Borj Ghazi Mustapha, has had many owners over the years. It was the Romans building the first recorded stronghold here, but it was the king of Sicily, Roger de Lluria, who in 1289 built the very first fortress.
In 1560, the Spanish (who had it transferred from Sicily earlier in history) were driven out by the Ottoman forces. Hundreds, if not thousands, of skulls from the Spanish soldiers were kept on display inside a tower for almost 200 years.
Most of the fort was rebuilt by the Ottomans, and hence little would date back as far as to the time of the Sicilians.
Houmt Souq, Jerba, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen