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1. Sidi Fredj

2. Borj el-Hissar

3. Remla, the "capital"

4. El-Attaia

5. Sweet ferry ride


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Hotels and alternatives
There are a handful of hotels in the tourist trap of Sidi Fredj, and some more in Remla, the main city on the islands. The best places are the ones in Sidi Fredj, while the budget options are the ones in Remla.

Restaurants and alternatives
Quite good. You can eat well in either Sidi Fredj's hotels, in Remla or even in Al Attaia. The last restaurant is recommended, as it has fresh fish served by the most friendly clientele.

Some night life in Sidi Fredj, in the hotels. These places have licensed night clubs.

Change Money
Do this in hotels as well. In Remla, there is one bank that will change foreign currencies into Tunisian dinars.

Good connections between El Attaia, Remla, Sidi Fredj and the ferry harbour. Choose between shared small taxis and buses.

Don't go here. Kerkennah Islands is the biggest lie in North Africa. Why there is charter tourism out here is a gigantic mystery. Why not go tekking in the Danish mountains instead????
The islands are boring, and with the exception of strand zones, ugly. And people are not terribly friendly either.

By Tore Kjeilen