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Ksar Ghilane

Ksar Ghilane

1. Roman fort & Practicalities

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Roman fort & Practicalities
Ksar Ghilane, Tunisia

Photo: Alain Bachellier

Ksar Ghilane, Tunisia

Photo: Bruno Morin

The ancient Roman fort of Tisavar has gone through just a few alterations in its history, mainly being rebuilt to serve the purposes of Berber tribes in the 16th century. Its condition is of course poor, it wasn't built to survive the centuries, like the forums and temples were. But set here out in the desert, it still is one of the most impressive ancient sights in Tunisia.

Hotels and alternatives
There are 3 campsites in this oasis. One is actually very, very expensive, while the 2 other give a more normal value for money.

Restaurants and alternatives
All campsites offer food for its guests. Quality and value for money is not fantastic, but considering that you have no choice it isn't awfully expensive either.

Change Money
Nothing. Do this before you head out here. Last chances are (depending on where you're coming from) Tataouine, Gabes or Douz.

The only way of getting out here is either by organized trips, jumping on a supply truck or your own rented car. Should you drive a 2WD, go by the road passing Matmata and Tamezret. It is highly advisable to not go alone, as you may get stuck in a sand drift. A smart thing to bring (in addition to plenty of water) are palm fronds, which you place under the wheels to get out of the sand.
Arrange for a organized trip from either Douz or from Jerba. You can choose between a camel excursion of about 10 days duration or go by 4WD within 2-3 days. Prices for a camel excursion should be some 300 to 400TD per person, while the 4WD excursion will cost something like 150 to 250TD. Jumping on a supply truck should not cost much than 50TD for a return journey. In the case of the latter, make sure that you have all details clear on the return journey!

By Tore Kjeilen