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Ksar Lemsa

Ksar Lemsa

1. Houses and church

2. Rural monument


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The houses and the church inside

Ksar Lemsa, Tunisia

Sleeping chambers.

Ksar Lemsa, Tunisia

Underground chamber. Too nicely done to be a prison cell, I would say. Perhaps a church

Inside the fortress you get the feeling of a compressed village. It isn't really wrong, a fortress had to be arranged to let its soldiers survive weeks of siege if the worst scenario would arrive.
Here are sleeping chambers, storage rooms, a deep water cistern, a church.

Ksar Lemsa, Tunisia

This has all traces of having been a church, it looks like a tiny basilica with an apse in one end.

Ksar Lemsa, Tunisia

All towers can be entered, but they are all without floors and staircases.
Perhaps things were made from wood, or that the floor fell in and took the staircase with it. No stones are left on the ground, but these may have been used by local house builders through the centuries.

By Tore Kjeilen