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Ksar Lemsa

Ksar Lemsa

1. Houses and church

2. Rural monument


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An ancient rural monument
>Near Ksar Lemsa, Tunisia

About 8 km from Ksar Lemsa, at the road towards Bou Saadia (i.e. not in direction of Oum el Abouab) lies this modest funerary tower.
It is absolutely modest to what Tunisia has to offer at Haidra (180 km west) or even at Ksour Toual (70 km west), but I have seen to record of it anywhere, nor does it seem to be much known by archaeologists.
Judging from its surroundings, a narrow and green river valley (one of the most beautiful areas of Tunisia), there was no room for any town of much size. Perhaps this is truly a ancient, rural monument, one of very few of its kind?

By Tore Kjeilen