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1. Around town

2. The black passage

3. Place du Caire

4. The great mosque

5. Town museum

6. Doors

7. Fish market

8. Borj el-Kebir

9. Punic ruins

10. The Fatimid port

11. Sailors' cemetary

12. Cap d'Afrique

13. Tourist's beach


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Around town
Mahdia, Tunisia

If I should chose a favourite town in Tunisia, Mahdia would be it. The ambience and the architecture makes this a perfect place to do nothing for a day or two. Or more. Not that stress has become a part of Tunisians' life yet, but Mahdia would be their first candidate for a Slow Living town.
OK, I admit there is little of houses and decorations you haven't seen many other places in Tunisia, but it is perhaps slightly better done here. And of course it helps that just around the next corner, the ocean opens up, always allowing a fresh breeze to sweeten the hottest of summer days. Mahdia, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen