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1. Around town

2. The black passage

3. Place du Caire

4. The great mosque

5. Town museum

6. Doors

7. Fish market

8. Borj el-Kebir

9. Punic ruins

10. The Fatimid port

11. Sailors' cemetary

12. Cap d'Afrique

13. Tourist's beach


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The Fatimid port
Mahdia, Tunisia

Mahdia, Tunisia

Of the Fatimid port, very little remains. On both sides of the entrance were towers with a chain suspended between. The base of these are still there, but it is hard to imagine what it must have looked like. Further along the coast, remains of fortifications can be found.
The whole eastern tip of the peninsula must have appeared as a sea-based fortress, with the Skifa el-Kahla as the only land-based entrance.

By Tore Kjeilen