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1. Around town

2. The black passage

3. Place du Caire

4. The great mosque

5. Town museum

6. Doors

7. Fish market

8. Borj el-Kebir

9. Punic ruins

10. The Fatimid port

11. Sailors' cemetary

12. Cap d'Afrique

13. Tourist's beach


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Hotels and alternatives
During high season, value for money at Mahdia's hotels is not good. I actually decided to sleep in my car summer 2000, because I simply didn't want to stay in the rooms that 40 dinars for a single could buy me.
If you stay in Mahdia you're most likely to end up outside town, in one of the tourist complexes. These are nice, but you won't get anything of Mahdia's charm.
There is one charming hotel inside town centre, with nice rooms and dirty bathrooms.

Restaurants and alternatives
Even if there is only one hotel in town centre, the situation is better with restaurants. Most places are very rudimentary, but close your eyes and concentrate on the food, and you will find yourself counting Michelin stars.

Nightlife in Mahdia does not go beyond street activities in summer – in winter there is nothing at all.
You won't find any bars and discos in town. This you will have to find in some of the beach hotels.

Change Money
No problems. Banks, ATMs and exchange service in the receptions in the better hotels. Many shopkeepers will accept to be paid by VISA or MasterCard, provided that you buy above 10-15 dinars.

Considering its location, Mahdia does not offer impressive connections to other cities. The most easily accessible means of getting to the 2 northern cities of Monastir and Sousse, appears to be with the local train. This is however sloooow, as it stop as every station along the route, and its average speed cannot be much more than 30 km/h.
Otherwise, you will have to resort to a standard collection of shared taxis and buses. Getting out of Mahdia after dark can be difficult, I was almost stranded here in September 1996.

By Tore Kjeilen