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1. Triumphal Arch

2. Trajan's Arch, Forum

3. Amphitheatre

4. Eastern baths

5. Walled road

6. Schola Juvenum

7. Temple of Hathor Miskar

8. Basilica of Hildeguns

9. Museum with mosaics

10. Modern town


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Trajan's Arch and the Forum
Maktar, Tunisia

The Forum crowned by Trajan's Arch.

Maktar, Tunisia

Maktar, Tunisia

The market, which lies in the northeastern corner of the Forum.

Of the Forum fairly little remains, except the general layout. You can clearly distinguish the size and many of the functions, some of the columns stand to a heigh that give a good clue about what things once looked like.
The main attraction is of course Trajan's Arch, the best preserved of the two arches at Maktar. Its fine condition is due to a later Byzantine construction, which used it as part of a protective construction. Over the following centuries, it served as a casing.
The arch dates back to 116 CE, and its inscriptions reads nothing less for Trajan than: "Conqueror of the Germans, Armenians and Parthians". Of course that warrented a triumphal arch!

By Tore Kjeilen