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1. Triumphal Arch

2. Trajan's Arch, Forum

3. Amphitheatre

4. Eastern baths

5. Walled road

6. Schola Juvenum

7. Temple of Hathor Miskar

8. Basilica of Hildeguns

9. Museum with mosaics

10. Modern town


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Walled road
Walled road, Maktar, Tunisia

Walled road, Maktar, Tunisia

I'm always intrigued by roads when I roam around Roman ruins. No place was exposed to more wear and tear, so when is lies there in front of you, in excellent condition and with smooth paving stones, you cannot become anything less but impressed.
The road of Maktar starting next to the amphitheatre and leading almost to the Forum is exceptionally fine. Also the lower part of the walls still stand. I believe this was the outer wall of the buildings that are since long gone.

By Tore Kjeilen