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1. Triumphal Arch

2. Trajan's Arch, Forum

3. Amphitheatre

4. Eastern baths

5. Walled road

6. Schola Juvenum

7. Temple of Hathor Miskar

8. Basilica of Hildeguns

9. Museum with mosaics

10. Modern town


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Schola Juvenum
Maktar, Tunisia

The Schola Juvenum is perhaps the most interesting part of the ruins of Maktar. While all sites have theatres, temples and arches, few tell about the everyday life of the people living here.
The Schola Juvenum was built in 88 CE, and was a place where rich young men gathered together, both socially and as a sort of police force and perhaps even tax collectors.
The site consists of a nice columned structure and the quadrilobe (picture here), a building with windows. We don't really know its purpose, but it may have been a treasury for the members.

By Tore Kjeilen