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1. Triumphal Arch

2. Trajan's Arch, Forum

3. Amphitheatre

4. Eastern baths

5. Walled road

6. Schola Juvenum

7. Temple of Hathor Miskar

8. Basilica of Hildeguns

9. Museum with mosaics

10. Modern town


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Temple of Hathor Miskar
Maktar, Tunisia

The Temple of Hathor Miskar is of Punic origins, first erected in the 1st century BCE then reconstructed in the 2nd century CE. It is known for having contained the longest Punic inscription in Tunisia, covering 47 lines over 10 columns.
This temple is interesting in the sense that it has proven that Punic cults survived for a long time after the Romans arrived here.

By Tore Kjeilen