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1. Triumphal Arch

2. Trajan's Arch, Forum

3. Amphitheatre

4. Eastern baths

5. Walled road

6. Schola Juvenum

7. Temple of Hathor Miskar

8. Basilica of Hildeguns

9. Museum with mosaics

10. Modern town


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Museum with mosaics

Maktar, Tunisia

Maktar, Tunisia

The bust has a fine selection of busts.

Maktar, Tunisia

Oil lamp.

The museum of Maktar holds a nice collection of artifacts showing the shift from Numidian to Punic to Roman culture at this place.
The Numidian sections contains mainly gravestones dedicated to the god Baal Hammom.
Personally, I found the mosaics most fascinating. Some of them are in excellent condition.
Maktar, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen