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1. Town ksour

2. Modern town


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Hotels and alternatives
There are a couple of fine, cheap offers in town, with Hotel Essada as the recommended at 6TD/8TD. Mid-range hotels are more unreliable, I will never forget an August night at the best hotel in town (Etape Sangho) with the airconditioning not working. Moving to a new room didn't help much. Next time passing through I tried the second best, Sahara, which had no airconditioning. That was a better choice, since the rooms were cooler.
Anyway, if you need airconditioning, demand it tested out before you accept a room and sign in.

Restaurants and alternatives
Do not expect miracles in the field of food, but Medenine is far from a disaster. It may be justified to recommend the popular basic places, as the most expensive places serve food at no better quality than the cheap joints. Yet, there is no place in town that is overpriced.

What is on offer are a few bars, and alcohol served in the better restaurants.

Change Money
Everything you need, a couple of banks and ATMs.

Great for this part of the country. Bus and shared taxi connections to every imaginable destination nearby and large cities in other parts of the country.

By Tore Kjeilen