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1. Ghurfas standing out

2. Mosque of Sidi Ahmed Ben Adjel


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Mosque of Sidi Ahmed Ben Adjel

This is the mosque which house the tomb of the local saint, Sidi Ahmed Ben Adjel. The shape is interesting, as it is closer to a phallic shape than the dome that normally dominates in Tunisia and other Muslim countries.
It is widely believed that the phallic shape is a preceding structure to the dome, and a shape that reflects a pre-Islamic fertility religion.
Today, the few phallic structures of Tunisia, are almost always located to Jerba. Metameur represents one of the exceptions. Also interesting is the colour — light green — which is rarely used.
The saint is still revered, and nomads from the surrounding areas come to town every Friday to pay their homage, and pray in the presence of his power.

By Tore Kjeilen