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1. Bourguiba's mausoleum

2. Ribat of cinema-Christ

3. The slick medina

4. Around the museum

5. The beach

6. The big mosques


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Around the museum
Monastir, Tunisia

The museum is interesting of 2 reasons. First it has a nice collection of ancient Islamic writings, fabrics, pottery, astrolabes and carved roof timber. Secondly it is placed in the prayer hall of the original and oldest parts of the ribat.
OK, it might have been restored several times, but its appearance hasn't been tampered with.
Monastir, Tunisia

Ancient Tunisian pottery – styles hasn't changed much.

Monastir, Tunisia

Carved roof timber where the darkening of the wood has made it difficult to differentiate the paint that was added.

Monastir, Tunisia

Astrolabes. These instruments were used on sea to navigate after the stars.

Monastir, Tunisia

A reading stool. The book is put on the stool, while the reader sits on the ground. A very traditional way of reading holy scriptures like the Koran – the reader doesn't have to soil the book while reading.

By Tore Kjeilen