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1. Old quarters

2. Ceramics

3. Doors

4. The beach


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Nabeul, Tunisia

If you like colourful ceramics, with crude patterns, Nabeul may be heaven for you. Start by looking at the lower left photo, this is the real thing. Well, almost, there is a distinct difference between modern ceramics and older. Newer are usually more colourful.
The checkered fantasy animals below is new artistic expression.
Nabeul is Tunisia's main centre of ceramics, and plates and other decorative items sold all over the country, is most likely produced here. Normally this would make Nabeul a cheap place to buy ceramics, but I am not sure it is like that after all.
A normal good price for a plate of 30 cm diametre, would be something like $5. The asking price may be a lot higher!
Nabeul, Tunisia

Nabeul, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen