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1. Old quarters

2. Ceramics

3. Doors

4. The beach


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Hotels and alternatives
All price levels, but many places overcharge. Along the beach you'll find hotels that aim at Western taste, while up town you'll find the small and cosy hotels. The beach hotels are of course more expensive.

Restaurants and alternatives
There are less restaurants up town than one could expect from a town with as many tourists as Nabeul. The reason is that many prefer to eat in their hotels, instead of walking the distance of 1-2 km to get to town.
In town, restaurants are found in 2 categories: cheap and moderate. Value for money is OK.

What there is, is limited to the beach hotels, and include Western style discos and bars.

Change Money
No problems. Banks, ATMs and exchange service in the receptions in the better hotels. Many shopkeepers will accept to be paid by VISA or MasterCard, provided that you buy above 10-15 dinars.

Very good connections with buses, taxis and trains. Nabeul is the central city on the Cap Bon, and when travelling here, you're likely to pass through Nabeul. Cars can also be rented in Nabeul (at a price).

By Tore Kjeilen