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1. Greatness in rubble

2. Mosaics of Liberii Villa

3. Houses, more baths

4. Baths of bats

5. The finest aqueduct


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Capitol with underground vaults
Oudna, Tunisia

A modern farmhous has taken up large parts of the top of the capitol. Great views, I guess!

Oudna, Tunisia

Front of the Byzantine part of the capitol-fortress.

Oudna, Tunisia

Underground vaults, which are in excellent condition, as well as clearly showing where the newer (Byzantine, still about 1,500 years old) parts are, and the older ones. The outer part here is Byzantine (large stones), while the inner section is Roman (smaller bricks).

The Capitol of Oudna looks like nothing else in Tunisia. Is it really a capitol? Or is it a fortress? And the house on top of it all?
The explanation is that the original Roman was expanded by the Byzantine, and turned into something that was almost entirely a fortress. You can quite easily see what is what if you enter the underground vaults.
The most impressive thing about it all is, that it looks nowhere near its real age of 1,500 years. I have been to hotels in Tunisia that looks far older!
While the underground chambers must have served as a mixture of prison dungeon and hiding quarters for civilians. The upper quarters has a Crusader touch, with dark, vaulted rooms with minimal decorations.
Oudna, Tunisia

Upper chambers, where most everyday functions were performed, including church matters.

By Tore Kjeilen