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1. Greatness in rubble

2. Mosaics of Liberii Villa

3. Houses, more baths

4. Baths of bats

5. The finest aqueduct


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Baths of bats
Oudna, Tunisia

Oudna, Tunisia

Seen from a distance it looks like a rubble of giant stones. Being on a slight mound, it is clear that the thing is man-made.
What you see from a distance were once the over ground structures of the public baths, but destroyed during WW2, when it was used as an arms depot. Some of the "stones" are tremendous, and really made up of smaller bricks.
But looking down the structure, you will see excellent underground structures. Unfortunately, they are usually closed, since reconstruction work is undertaken here.
Locals have named this part "Bat Tunnel" from the many bats living here before.
Before leaving the structure, look out for the many holes leading down to the underground structures. All, but the one on the photo to the left, are made in modern times, most likely having been used as rescue holes by locals into the ground to seek protection.
Oudna, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen