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Raf Raf

Raf Raf

1. Crowded and friendly

2. Beautiful arrival


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Crowded and friendly

It is a bit strange be a foreigner in Raf Raf after travelling other places in Tunisia. Although there are far less foreigners here then in other beach resorts, few will welcome you or start talking with you. You are left in peace. Perhaps it is because most of the Tunisians here are not in their hometown? Another reason may be that many belong to the middle class, where it is not considered polite to talk to strangers without good reason.
But for anyone sticking around, Raf Raf soon becomes a friendly place. People are open and most have plenty of time. My experience is that locals on holidays are the best to meet when you want to learn about the truth of a country.
The beach is yet not the place for real privacy, it is very crowded. Families come here early in the day, bringing with them all they need including full meals. Young Tunisian girls and boys seem to be constantly flirting, in a manner which has more equality between the sexes than what is usual in many other Muslim countries.
Raf Raf, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen