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1. The hutted camp

2. The micro-oasis

3. Forest in the desert


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The micro-oasis
Remada, Tunisia

Kids playing football in the outskirts of the oasis.

Below the town centre and next to the road leading to the Libyan border 40 km away, there is a small oasis. It is nothing like the effective oases near Chott el Jerid, but a handful of houses that reside along the side from where the source comes from.
This small area, no more than 100 metres wide and less than 1 km long, has a diversified agriculture. I counted many different plants and trees, and in between goats were herded. Expect to arose a bit of attention if you should enter, but it only took me a minute to see suspicion turned into friendliness in the peoples' faces.

By Tore Kjeilen