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1. The grand Forum

2. Temple of Minerva

3. Temple of Jupiter

4. Temple of Juno

5. Antonine Gate

6. Baths

7. Underground bath?

8. Baptistry basins

9. Churches

10. Theatre

11. Shopping streets

12. Public fountains

13. House of Seasons

14. Water reservoir

15. Temple to unknown

16. Byzantine forts

17. Olive press

18. Arches of Diocletian and Septimus Severus

19. The Bridge

20. Amphitheatre

21. Museum


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Sbe´tla, Tunisia

Sbe´tla, Tunisia

Sbe´tla, Tunisia

Sbeitla has a selection of fine baths, some small and rather private in nature. The most impressive are the Great Baths, where large mosaic floors have survived almost intact from the original state.
The Great Baths cover an area of 100 times 50 metres, and dates back to the 3rd century CE. The two main sections are the cold baths and the warm baths which is interesting for its under-floor heating system.
Connected to the baths are also the sporting grounds known as Palaestra (top picture). The Palaestra is noted for its fine floor mosaics surrounded by a double colonnade.
Sbe´tla, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen