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1. The grand Forum

2. Temple of Minerva

3. Temple of Jupiter

4. Temple of Juno

5. Antonine Gate

6. Baths

7. Underground bath?

8. Baptistry basins

9. Churches

10. Theatre

11. Shopping streets

12. Public fountains

13. House of Seasons

14. Water reservoir

15. Temple to unknown

16. Byzantine forts

17. Olive press

18. Arches of Diocletian and Septimus Severus

19. The Bridge

20. Amphitheatre

21. Museum


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Water reservoir
Sbe´tla, Tunisia

Yes, you're right, this is a result of much reconstruction. Many of the stones may not even have been in the construction originally. The reconstruction has used plans from reservoirs in other Roman cities, and it does give a nice view into water engineering 2,000 years ago.

By Tore Kjeilen