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1. The grand Forum

2. Temple of Minerva

3. Temple of Jupiter

4. Temple of Juno

5. Antonine Gate

6. Baths

7. Underground bath?

8. Baptistry basins

9. Churches

10. Theatre

11. Shopping streets

12. Public fountains

13. House of Seasons

14. Water reservoir

15. Temple to unknown

16. Byzantine forts

17. Olive press

18. Arches of Diocletian and Septimus Severus

19. The Bridge

20. Amphitheatre

21. Museum


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Byzantine forts
Sbe´tla, Tunisia

The Byzantine forts in the southeast of ancient Sbe´tla are not imposing of any kind, and of really small proportions. Yet, they are interesting because so much of the interior has survived into our times. Most of the really large Byzantine fortresses other places in Tunisia have commonly only the outer walls intact.
It seems like the 3 fortresses of Sbe´tla served mainly to to protect the elite of the city and defend the city against small groups of intruders.
Sbe´tla, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen