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Seldja Gorge

Seldja Gorge

1. First valley stop

2. Second valley stop

3. Inside the wagons


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First valley stop
Seldja Gorge, Tunisia

Seldja Gorge, Tunisia

Seldja Gorge, Tunisia

The first stop comes fast. You have just about left the boredom of Metlaoui, and it doesn't take more than a tunnel ride before magic takes place.
At this place, the gorge has come to its end. Through the last, narrow ravine you will see down into the strangely flat landscape of Chott el-Gharsa, the second largest salt lake of the country.
Even in the middle of summer (these photos were taken in June 2005) the river carries water. Still it won't get anywhere, somewhere out there the river dries out.

By Tore Kjeilen