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Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said

1. Rue Habib Thameur

2. Private streets

3. Where all tourists end up

4. Near the sea


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Hotels and alternatives
Sidi Bou Said offers a nice collection of hotels ranging from middle to high standard. There is no budget alternatives here. Budget travellers do best in going back to Tunis (20 km).
Value for money is OK, but the main problem here is that Sidi Bou Said is such a popular place. If you plan to stay here in the summer, which is high season, book ahead.

Restaurants and alternatives
Restaurants cover the entire range, from cheap to the Pirates, reputed to be the best restaurant in Tunisia.
Sidi Bou Said also offer some of Tunisia's most famous cafés, like the overpriced but chic Café des Nattes and the romantic Café Sidi Chabaane.

Far less than you might expect. Some hours after sunset, Sidi Bou Said empties.

Change Money
Down in the new town, you'll find a bank that offers the usual services.

Use the TGM, but note that early in the mornings and in the afternoons, as well as all day through in the weekends, it can become very full.
Driving out here is also easy, and there are plenty of taxis that will help you out (Sidi Bou Said is considered part of Tunis, so you can use one of the small taxis).

By Tore Kjeilen