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Sidi Khelifa

Sidi Khelifa

1. Forum and temples

2. Baths

3. Houses

4. Temple of Baal


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Forum and temples
Sidi Khelifa, Tunisia

Sidi Khelifa, Tunisia

I claim that Sidi Khelifa has the finest Forum areas of Tunisia. From the stone-paved Forum a number of buildings carve themselves into the hills. There are a couple of temples, what appears as a gymnastics area, a palaestra and a market. It is nicely fronted with a triumphal arch.
Note the location of the triumphal arch, it lies in the middle of town, not as an entrance into the town. Yet, it served as an entrance, to the central public areas of town.
Sidi Khelifa, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen