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Siliana, Tunisia

Siliana, Tunisia

The only reasons to stop in Siliana are its hotel and the few restaurants. Out in this part of Tunisia, full of fascinating monuments, planning where to spend the night is quite important.
The nearest hotels are at Teboursouk (Dougga) 50 km north, Le Kef 70 km west, Maktar 30 km southwest (extremely bad hotel) or Kairouan 150 km southeast.
Siliana is an excellent base to explore Zama Minor (9 km), Ksour Toual and Kbor Klib (20 km), Elles (40 km), Zannfour (40 km) and Ksar Lemsa (50 km).

Hotels and alternatives
One 1 star hotel in town. Good value for money.

Restaurants and alternatives
Plenty of tiny restaurants in town centre.


Change Money
There is a handful of banks in town that will do the usual service of exchanging foreign currencies and give cash on your VISA or MasterCard. When last passing in July 2000, the ATMs did not work on foreign credit cards. The hotel will also help you out.

Reasonable connections in directions of Al Fahs (Thuburbo Majus), Maktar, Teboursouk (Dougga) and Le Kef.

By Tore Kjeilen