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1. The medina

2. The fortified mosque

3. Ribat for religious wars

4. The popular beach

5. Kasbah

6. City museum

7. Traditional museum of Kalaout el-Koubba

8. Old days' upper class mansion

9. Zaouia Zakkak

10. Catacombs

11. Medina shopping

12. Modern town

13. Night life

14. Bird's view


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Ribat for religious wars

When the ribat was started to be erected in 821 by the Aghlabid rulers, it was principally a fortress against the Christians on Sicily.
The word 'ribat' comes from the same root as 'marabout', the North African name for holy men. Ribats of these times were generally connected to a very conservative and often ascetic practice of Islam.
Today, the ribat stands right on the Place Farhat Hached, and seems to be lost. What once was impressive, is inundated by the hustle of the modern town.

Sousse, Tunisia

Around the courtyard, cells for the soldiers are found on 3 sides. The 4th side, the one closest to the entrance, was the prayer hall. However primitive it might appear, it is generally considered to be the oldest mosque of North Africa.
From the top of the nador, the watch tower, you will have great views over Sousse.

By Tore Kjeilen