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1. The medina

2. The fortified mosque

3. Ribat for religious wars

4. The popular beach

5. Kasbah

6. City museum

7. Traditional museum of Kalaout el-Koubba

8. Old days' upper class mansion

9. Zaouia Zakkak

10. Catacombs

11. Medina shopping

12. Modern town

13. Night life

14. Bird's view


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Medina shopping

The medina of Sousse is fairly good for shopping. Many shop keepers have discovered that there is a good policy of keeping prices reasonable – most tourists here stay for a week or two and have plenty of chances of returning to a shop that gives good service.
There is little you find here, that aren't available in other major tourist destinations elsewhere in Tunisia. In the huge 4 storey shopping mall right outside the medina, they even have items imported from all over northern Africa, and also some items from Africa south of the Sahara. Unfortunately they refuse to accept that I recognize Thuja items from Essaouira in Morocco, or mother-of-pearl boxes from Cairo.

This guy sells copy perfume at very nice prices. And cute bottles for the perfume (fits best to women's perfume).

Top: Sponges from Jerba.
Middle: Tunisian clothes are perfect for home dressing.
Bottom: Tunisian ceramics sold to tourists, are seldom better than of average quality.

By Tore Kjeilen