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1. The medina

2. The fortified mosque

3. Ribat for religious wars

4. The popular beach

5. Kasbah

6. City museum

7. Traditional museum of Kalaout el-Koubba

8. Old days' upper class mansion

9. Zaouia Zakkak

10. Catacombs

11. Medina shopping

12. Modern town

13. Night life

14. Bird's view


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Night life
Sousse, Tunisia

This is the heart of night life in Sousse: the esplanade. People walk up and down, until they have to rest and sit down on the wall facing the beach. And on the other side of the street, there are plenty of clubs where live music is performed. But these cost money, and most Tunisians prefer to listen to music from the outside.

Sousse, Tunisia

Dreams? Well, at a price. This is one of several clubs where the female clientele are working girls. If you want a real disco, hotels are better bets.
Sousse, Tunisia

This is from one of the clubs. As the music builds, many of the spectators can't sit still anymore and starts dancing. Great!

By Tore Kjeilen