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1. City scenes

2. Genoese castle

3. Aerial photo

4. City and the bay

5. The Needles

6. Roman ruins


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Genoese castle
Tabarka, Tunisia

Tabarka, Tunisia

The 16th century Genoese castle is both visually attractive, lying on top of a wild island (since the 1940's connected with the mainland) and with a fascinating history. From 1541 and until the middle of the 18th century it was a Christian stronghold in the middle of the Ottoman Empire.
Around the castle, a tiny town of 1,200 inhabitants was built. Nothing remains of this now.
Unfortunately, most of the inner parts of the castle is in use by the Tunisian military. Only a small section is open, with a tiny museum showing reproductions of mosaics.
Tabarka, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen