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1. City scenes

2. Genoese castle

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4. City and the bay

5. The Needles

6. Roman ruins


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Hotels and alternatives
Tabarka has 2 areas with hotels, in town and in the touristic zone along the coast to the east of town. The hotels in the touristic zones are a bit pricey, and normally aims at package travellers.
The hotels in town are of great value, even in summer, when Tabarka really comes alive. Just remember that you can negotiate the price even in high season.

Tabarka, Tunisia

Beaches and hotels in the touristic zone.

Restaurants and alternatives
The actual number of real restaurants are less than one might expect. Most places serve no more than coffee, ice cream and cakes.
Among the few restaurants, some gems are to be found. The restaurant at Hôtel de France can look empty, but their food and service is quite fantastic. One of the greatest recommendations for all of Tunisia goes to this place.

Quite OK in summer, but most happens in the street. There are no real discos or bars easily available. Except in the touristic zone, that is.

Change Money
No problems. Banks, ATMs and exchange service in the receptions in the better hotels. Many shopkeepers will accept to be paid by VISA or MasterCard, provided that you buy above 10-15 dinars.

OK, but remember that you're in the upper western corner of Tunisia, when you're in Tabarka. There are not too many buses coming out of here, nor too many shared taxis. Expect to make your departure early in the morning.

By Tore Kjeilen