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1. The waterfall of the desert

2. The smooth gorge

3. Old village of the three marabouts

4. The last waterfall


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Tamerza, Tunisia

Pool of Tamerza Palace Hotel.

Tamerza, Tunisia

The nicest cafe on the climb down into the river gorge.

Hotels and alternatives
Tamerza has 2 hotels. The best is excellent, with rooms starting at 100TD. Expesive for budget travellers, true, yet this may be among the best places in the whole country to splurge. The other one is reasonably priced, but offer little luxury.

Restaurants and alternatives
Eat in one of the hotels, or in a restaurant in town. OK value all over.

Nothing. Travellers coming out this way, often get up very early in the morning, and very little happens after 22 o'clock. There is a bar in the best hotel in town, but all here depends on what mood the other guests are in.

Change Money
Do this in the hotels.

There are no forms of public transport here. So you will have to bring your own means of transportation, or hope for success in hitching.

In summer, it gets extremely hot out here, so take all necessary precautions.

By Tore Kjeilen